Inheritance of faith(2)

The introduction of Buddhist precepts and pharmacology in Japan

Jianzhen came to Japan at the invitation of Emperor Shomu. He is a Tang high priest who taught the precepts of Buddhism and founded the Ritsu school of Buddhism in Japan.
At the time it was exceedingly difficult to travel from China to Japan. After five failed boat voyages and losing his sight in both eyes, in 753 he finally succeeded in landing in Bonotsu, Minamisatsuma City, Kagoshima.
Jianzhen built in Japan a Buddhist ordination platform, the place where people renouncing the world were formally recognized as monks and nuns. He handed down the precepts for formally recognizing them. He also taught his deep knowledge of pharmacology and carving and built Hiden-in Temple to help orphans and the poor, and proactively engaged in that effort.


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Jianzhen Memorial Museum

A memorial museum built to extoll the great accomplishments of Jianzhen.
In addition to having a reproduction of a seated statue of Jianzhen, it introduces his sea crossing and his life through an exhibit of items and a movie shown on a large screen.

Location: 225-2 Akime, Bonotsu-cho Minamisatsuma-shi, Kagoshima
Phone: 0993-68-0288 (Jianzhen Memorial Museum)
Website: Minamisatsuma Tourism Association (Japanese only)
Closed: Mondays (on the following day if a public holiday)
Admission: 200 yen (adults), 100 yen (elementary/junior high)
Transportation: Approx. 70 min from Ibusuki Skyline Taniyama Interchange
Parking: Available (approx. 56 cars in Parking No.1, 50 cars in Parking No.2)