MLIT Takeo River Office supports the area damaged by Typhoon 12, 2011

MLIT Takeo River Office dispatched our staffs total(19person・days) to places damaged by the Typhoon 12 for technical (TEC-FORCE*) and logistical support to Kinki Regional Bureau of MLIT as follows (as of 6 October 2011).

TEC-FORCE (17person・days)

From 8 September 2011 to 15 September 2011, Shingu-city, Wakayama Prefecture, recovery of the area damaged by flood and landslide.

From 20 September 2011 to 28 September 2011, Katsuura-cho, Wakayama Prefecture, recovery for flooded and landslide area

Logistic support (2person・days)
From 5 October 2011 to 6 October 2011, Osaka city, transport service

*note) TEC-FORCE is the scheme to provide technical assistance from the outside regional bureau of MLIT in response to major disasters since 2008.




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