Our river projects worked for the flood in northern Kyushu, July 2012

Three days of extreme rainfall from July 11 to 14, 2012, named “2012 Kyushu-Hokubu-Gou”(heavy rain event in northern Kyushu) by Japan Meteorological Agency, caused the second water level in Ushizugawa river, following the 100-year flood in 1990. Our major projects worked for reduction of the risk during this flood on 13 July 2012. The projects includes Mutabe retarding pond, 900 thousand cubic meter capacity, after 1990 flood and riverbed dredging (200 thousand cubic meter) after 2009 flood (approximately 20-year flood).

1.Precipitation data in northern Kyushu

2.Water level in Ushizugawa river (Myokenbashi point)


3.Effect of the major projects tentatively reviewed by MLIT Takeo River Office

Picture (left: Mutabe retarding pond, right: inflow to the pond at 14:30 on 13 July 2012)





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