MLIT Takeo Office of River shows in the WMOs APFM Newsletter again

U.N. World Meteorological Organization (WMO) introduced our training activities collaborated with education in January 2013.

To aid educational opportunities work for Integrated Flood Management in their outreach to the public, MLIT Takeo River Office arranges the materials for teachers in collaboration with municipal Boards of Education. Three training sessions for 5th grade (children/youth ages 10-11) were held in Kuri-elementary School, Karatsu City on 1 November 2012, in Mifunegaoka-elementary School, Takeo City on 21 November 2012 and in Yamauchinishi-elementary School, Takeo City on 22 February 2013.

Session in Yamauchinishi-elementary School, Takeo City on 22 February 2013

Furthermore, our these activities have been shown in IAHS publication in February 2013, contributed by the director of the MLIT River Takeo Office, titled “Risk sharing in practice for Integrated Flood Management” on page 117-126 of:

(IAHS publication website) where the paper abstract is available.





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