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Map of Saga Prefecture

Takeo Office of River

Takeo Office of River
745 Showa, Takeo-cho, Takeo, Saga, Japan 843-0023

TEL: +81-(0)954-23-5151  /  FAX: +81-(0)954-23-5191

Branch Office


Ushizu Branch Office
47-9 Ipponmatsu, kamitogawa, ushizu, Ogi, Saga 849-0305

3.松浦川出張所 Matsuura Branch Office
1754 Haru, Karatsu, Saga, 847-0031
4.朝日出張所 Asahi Branch Office
1521-6 Amagu, Asahi-cho, Takeo, Saga, 843-0001
5.厳木ダム管理支所 Kyuragi Dam Management Branch Office
446-4 Hirose, Kyuragi-machi, Karatsu, Saga, 849-3111


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