Response to Oil Spill in Rokkakugawa River

On 13 January 2012, we responded to oil spill in Rokkakugawa River. At 16:20, our staff observed the oil spill during the regular river patrol at 4k700m point of the river. We issued the alert to all stakeholders and operated the Rokkakugawa Estuary Barrage. MLIT Kyushu Regional Bureau and related office coordinated and dispatched two special light-equipped cars for the response at night. All response finished at 16:15 on 16 January 2012. The source of the oil was not clear, but it was very fortunate that there was no remarkable damage on sea weed plants in Ariake Sea, one of the national major products in Japan.

Oil spill in the afternoon on 13 January 2012

Barrage operation in the evening on 13 January 2012

Patrol with light-equipped car in the night on 13 January 2012

Oil Fence equipped until the morning on 14 January 2012




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